Glastonbury Vacuum wants to service all of your vacuum and floor care needs! Do you need a specific part or bag for your vacuum? Do you want us to ship it to your home or would you like to order it and pick it up from our local East Hartford/Glastonbury store? Fill out the form below and leave a deposit via credit card, or stop by our store and visit our mascots; Buster and Brick! Leave them your cash deposit, they’ll give you a claim ticket, and we’ll give you a call the minute you can come pick up your order!

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Please state in the ‘Notes’ section which method of contact you would prefer. If you prefer email, we will email a quote to you and the expected deposit for us to put your special order through. If you prefer to be contacted via telephone, we will call you with the quote and the deposit amount, which you will be able to make by clicking the button below labeled ‘Pay Now’.

*Some parts or models may be discontinued. Should Glastonbury Vacuum be unable to fill your order, we will provide a refund of your deposit.