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Don’t take your business to a Big-Box store, with employees who are uneducated on the little features and varying mechanics that make one product different from another.

Don’t give your business to a retail store that has to divide their focus between 4 different product categories. Divided attention can never outweigh the value of devoted attention.

Come to Glastonbury Vacuum, where clean carpets and clean floors are our ONLY business.

We are thoroughly educated on all the different machines, and understand the different ways that each little technical and mechanical variation can make a unit uniquely tailored to your needs. Read below to see the services we offer:

Service Call
( Outside Of Hartford County )
We'll Give Your Machine A 20-Point Inspection! Clean And Tune Up Your Central Vac Today!
In-Home Service
20-Point Inspection
Clean Your Pipes Of Any Grime & Obstructions
Motor Check-Up
Extends The Life Of Your Vacuum!
*This Include All Locations Outside Hartford County. We Will Also Service Select Parts Of RHODE ISLAND and MASSACHUSETTS!
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Machine Has No Suction? Or Older Than You Are? Are You A New HomeOwner? TIME TO GET A NEW CENTRAL VAC!
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FREE Hose & Attachments
$150-$200 Off The Price Of Your Unit When You Buy Hose & Attachments With Your Machine!
**We Do Installations In Both NEW and EXISTING Homes!!
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Vacuum Sales

Our expertise in not only the different brands, but how the particular models compare. We help you find the vacuum that best suits your needs and budget. We carry many models designed for specific uses such as carpet and/or bare floors, hypo-allergenic and allergy-sensitive models, units especially made for pet hair, and even models that offer carpet shampooing. Our owner has been buying and selling vacuums for over 25 years, and he has personally trained each and every staff member. You are guaranteed to be guided through the vacuum purchase experience by someone who is thoroughly and fluently educated on each and every vacuum model on the market today. Each staff member has studied the vacuum models of yesterday, today and tomorrow so that they can smoothly guide you through what is different about your old hoover or old electrolux tank, and the vacuum models on the market today.

Central Vacuum Sales

If you are interested in a central vac, we will come to your house at no charge, measure, and provide you with a quote on the central vac best suited for your home, as well as a number of choices and options based on your budget. We only distribute premium vacuums, you won’t find cheap department store models on our shelves, so you can rest assured that whichever central vac you decide to have installed in your home, if it’s coming from Glastonbury Vacuum, it’s the best unit on the market, for your budget and your home environment. The owner takes a personal interest in each and every sale, especially central vac sales, so every customer gets the best deal we have to offer, the best prices we can possibly give them, and tons of freebies with major purchases!!

Carpet / Floor Cleaning

Dirty carpet? Spilled wine? Grunge-y Previous Tenants? Sticky Kitchen Floor? KIDS?!

Glastonbury Vacuum has many experienced professional carpet cleaners and floor buffers in their employ. Our employees have experience in commercial cleaning, buffing and waxing state run facility floors, deep cleaning residential carpets, as well as commercial warehouse carpets, apartment complex carpets, town service building carpets and tiles, and we want to bring that experience to your home and your floors. Don’t waste a Lazy Sunday cleaning what we could clean for you in an hour, for LESS than the other guy. We offer Dupont Finish, Various Scented Coats, Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, Floor Steaming, Buffing, Waxing. We even offer a vacuuming service for our handicapped or elderly customers, or our customers who are just too busy to have the time! Our business is clean floors, and if you want, we can make YOUR floors OUR business too!!

Repairs & Installation

Ten years. Gmail was first launched. YouTube was just invented. The difference between a 3rd grader and a High School Graduate. 10 years is a very long time, and a much longer time than a lot of us realize. That’s why we trust the man we have working on our vacuum repairs. He has been repairing vacuum cleaners 4 to 5 days a week, every week, for 10 years.

If you need a plug replaced, if you have 3 vacuums that kind of work and you want them melded into 1 vacuum that works well, if your roller brush has stopped spinning or your belt is broken, he’s got you covered. Actually, you can just bring us your vacuum, your steamer, your carpet cleaner, your power head, your small appliances (irons, lamps, etc) with no knowledge of whats wrong other than ‘it’s broken’ and he will fix it for you in anywhere from 2 to 6 business days. The majority of repairs are finished within the 2 days, unless a part needs to be ordered, then we have to allow for delivery time. We take walk-ins, call-ins, we offer over-the-phone troubleshooting, and we offer all of our repair customers FREE loaners.

One of my favorite things about our store, one of the things that separates us from the rest, is that we don’t quit our relationship with our customers at the register. If you purchase a residential or commercial vacuum, we warranty it for you so you can have it repaired when it breaks. We carry the bags and the filters  you need because we carry all the bags, filters, and parts for all the vacuums that we carry and even the vacuums that we don’t carry or have in stock. And if you’re the handy, mechanical type, and want to do your own repairs, we can special order any parts you need.

We sell Central Vac Units, both residential and industrial, both dry and wet/dry, and we will not only warranty and service that unit for you, but we will install it into your home for you as well. New Construction, Existing Homes, Car Dealerships, Hair Salons, We will schedule you for an install online, over the phone, or in person. Hoses, Attachments, Powerheads, Inlets, Fittings, PVC Pipe, we carry it all if you want to do it yourself.

If you select a vacuum model, part, bag or filter, and we don’t have it in stock, we are more than happy to ship it or deliver it to you at no additional charge(Select Locations Only. Shipping Rates For Locations Outside Of Hartford County Start At $6.80).

Our store is well stocked with a wide selection of vacuum bags, filters, and parts & accessories for nearly every make and model. A variety of vacuum units and central vac units for every home, every environment and every lifestyle.

Or simply stop by with the kids to say “Hi” to Buster and Brick, our store mascots, and witnesses who can attest to our expertise in the pet vacuum department!